New technology, that combines biology and photonics which preserve the integrity of the biological cells being treated. Biophotonics Q Blue Light system is known to be very effective in breaking up pigmentation and brightening the epidermis.

• Cleansing

• Deep Cleansing

• 1st Mask

• 2st Mask

• RF

• Massage

• Cryo + Vitamin C Ampoule (Vitamin C Care)

• Biophotonic Q + Vitamin C Ampoule (Lux Whitening)


Vitamin C Care

1hr 20min | $120

Vitamin C supports natural collagen synthesis, powerful in skin brightening, tone repairing and protects against free radical and UV damage, Vitamin C care will improve skin's luminosity.

Lux Whitening

1hr 40min | $150

Using a most effective technology for pigmented skin, Biophotonic Q added with Vitamin C Ampoule will maximize your whitening


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