Deliver maximum benefits of exfoliation with enzymes and serums to suit your skin needs. Leave your skin smooth, hydrated and glowing with the talented hands of our estheticians.

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Aqual Peel     80min | $150


Remove dead skin cells while supplying vitamins deep into skin layers for deeper moisturization. Aqua Peel removes excessive sebum, black and white heads and dead skin cells without the invasive effect of harsher peels.

Micro-Derm     90min | $150


Combat the signs of aging skin, fine lines, dark spots and acne scars through a Micoro-Derm therapy that removes dead skin cells and stimulates the production of fresh skin cells and collagen.

Purification Peel    90min | $150


Using cosmetic chemical exfoliation products to relieve skin stress and troubles for cleaner and brighter skin tone. Recommended for only and combination skin.

Enzyme Peel     90min | $150


Recommended for acne prone and oily or combination skin. Natural Enzyme will effectively remove black heads and dead skin cells for further inflammation of acne.

Pumpkin Peel     90min | $150


Essential Fatty Acid from fermentation process that increases in AHA and BHA enzymes, Pumpkin Peel helps to regain bright, elastic skin that has been damaged by stress and environment.

Seaweed Peel     90min | $200


Recommended for normal to oily skin. Seaweed effectively eliminates impurities and provide minerals in high concentrations. 100% natural ingredients used for purifying and revitalizing skin to improve skin texture and shine.

Oxygen Peel    90min | $150


Oxygen Peel increases the oxygen level in your skin, leaving your skin look healthy and supple. By providing vitamin C, skin naturally creates collagen that improves skin elasticity. Recommended for those with concerns for acne scars, freckles and pigmentation.

Tox Peel     90min | $150


3 step Down-aging system of TOX PEEL PROGRAM realizing skin down-aging by replacing old cells with new cells without causing irritation and pain.


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