Pearl Skin Cosmetics

  • Laser Rejuvenation Mist

    Rejuvenation fog mist | Fine mist spray type for rejuvenation providing a rejuvenation effect anytime, anywhere whenever necessary based on the biomimetic water and EFG complex containing a large amount of minerals and protein.

  • Laser Rejuvenation Ampoule

    30% EGF complex ampoule | This EGF complex concentrated ampoule, effective in activation the function of the skin regeneration that helps rejuvenate skin barrier and prevents skin damage.

  • Laser Rejuvenation Cellulose Mask

    Bio cellulose type mask | It provides immediate moisturizing and regenerating effects through powerful moistness effect by naturally derived cellulose and growth of outer skin by EGF complex.

  • Cellular Lipidsome

    Effective for severely dry, peeled, and laser-treated skin. It is produced by dual liposome technology which helps skin fortification.

  • Moisture Oxygen

    This moisturizing provides excellent moisture to skin while keeping skin feeling refreshed. Its oil-free texture and for all types of skin.

  • Multi Aqua Gel

    This gel type moisturizer which absorbs into the skin as a dewdrop-like texture. It contains natural plant extracts including phyto water, restitin and hyaluron acid.

  • K Solution

    Effective for troubled skin such as sensitive or irritated skin. Supplies nutrients, moisture and vitality through its vegetable and vitamin substances.

  • Anti B.A.C. Toner

    It helps soothes acne and other troubled areas while improving overall skin condition through a soothing and purifying effect

  • Physiological Complex Toner

    For all skin types. Safe for post-treatment use. It is very effective for skin's relaxation, hydration and revitalization.

  • Hyaluron Clinic

    Organic ingredients combined with hyaluronic acid formula provide optimal levels of hydration and balance to skin.

  • Collagen Clinic

    A nourishing and purifying essence for the prevention of premature aging, contains hydrolyzed collagen and tocopheryl acetate to soothe and calm troubled areas of skin particularly after aesthetic procedures.

  • Advanced Derma White Serum

    This scientifically advanced formula with three kinds of skin brightness.

  • Dual Liposome C

    For dehydrated and malnourished mature skin. Vitamin C & Vitamin E formula brightens and corrects pigmented areas and dark spots.

  • V.I.A Method

    For photo-damaged and hyperpigmented skin. An ampoule that combines 30% concentration of pure vitamin C with antioxidants to minimize the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

  • H.M.F Vitamin Mask

    For all skin types with signs of hyperpigmentation and premature aging. A sleeping mask that brightens and hydrates damaged skin.

  • Vitamin Milk Cleanser

    A lotion-type cleanser which fits all skin types and does not include benign, which is a harmful ingredient made from chemicals.

  • Physiological Cleansing Gel

    This fits many types of skin. It contains pH which prevents skin from dying out as well as protecting the skin layer.

  • Anti B.A.C. Cleansing Gel

    This gel is a special product made for oily and acne-prone skin. As a cleaner it mainly functions by softly cleansing impurities.

  • Premium Eye Cream

    Anti-aging Eye Cream for fine line and wrinkle care around eyes.

  • C-Lester Topical Vitamin

    More potent and at 20% strength, the brightening C20 serum carries two different types of pure Vitamin C

  • Skin Calming Concentrate

    Promptly relieves redness and discomfort caused by skin sensitivity.


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